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About Pure Meat Shop

Located in Delhi, NCR, Pure Meat Shop is a well-known meat-selling establishment that provides customers with a range of pure raw meat, marinated meat, and packed meat options. Our client has gained a reputation for providing customers with high-quality meat products and developed a few loyal customers over the years. The store has been serving customers for years and wanted to tap into the online market to explore the advantages of it.


Pure Meat Shop had the following objectives for the collaboration with 3D Marketing Clutch:

  1. Increase the number of app installs.
  2. Promote their mobile application.
  3. Increase sales from the mobile application.

The Challenge

Despite being in the market before Licious, its major competitor,  the business encountered a major obstacle as it was unable to connect with its target audience through online platforms. Even though the business had managed to generate some online sales, their goal was to reach a wider audience in Delhi NCR via digital channels. Consequently, they enlisted the help from us, 3D Marketing Clutch, to enhance their online presence and broaden their reach.

The attainment of these objectives posed a number of challenges for Pure Meat Shop. Foremost among these was the task of boosting sales via their mobile application. Moreover, the business was working with a restricted budget, which made it difficult to execute successful advertising campaigns. Furthermore, they encountered difficulties in reaching their intended audience through online channels.

Our Approach

We, 3D Marketing Clutch tackled the challenges through a comprehensive strategy that aimed to enhance app installs, boost in-app activities, and generate sales from the mobile application. Initially, app install campaigns were carried out to attract non-users, leading to a rise in app installations.

Subsequently, we concentrated on in-app actions to increase sales by advertising on multiple platforms such as display, YouTube, Instagram, and Google. Additionally, social media was utilized to target audiences and A/B testing was conducted for graphics, through which we understood what really attracts the customers. Lastly, we sent occasion-related graphics along with good wishes texts that were utilized for business promotion.

3D Marketing Clutch not only optimized Sardar Pure Meat Shop’s website to enhance their online visibility and attract more customers to the business, but also kept the business informed about their campaigns’ performance on a regular basis. Additionally, we offered valuable insights into how the business could improve their online marketing strategy.


Sardar Pure Meat Shop’s online presence experienced a remarkable enhancement as a result of 3D Marketing Clutch’s strategy. The cost per install (CPI) for both Android and IOS showed a gradual decline. The CPI reduced to Rs 9 from Rs 34 for android and to Rs 70 from Rs 202 for IOS. Moreover, the campaigns run by us led to an increase in the number of orders per day and the order value. The business initially received only 5 to 7 orders daily, but after implementing our strategies for the online campaigns, the number of orders increased significantly to 25 to 30 per day.

In just two months, we managed to increase orders by 6 times, which was a significant achievement. Moreover, with a limited budget, we were able to achieve 400 installs in a single day. 3D Marketing Clutch’s strategy not only helped Sardar Pure Meat Shop boost their app installs but also promote and increase sales through the app, making them competitive in the market



In conclusion, the collaboration between Sardar Pure Meat Shop and 3D Marketing Clutch yielded outstanding results. Through a comprehensive strategy, app installs increased, in-app activities improved, and sales soared. With a declining cost per install and a significant rise in daily orders, the business achieved remarkable growth in just two months. 3D Marketing Clutch’s expertise and insights proved instrumental in enhancing Sardar Pure Meat Shop’s online presence and establishing its competitiveness in the market.







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