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14x ROAS in 1 Month: BRM Chemicals – Ecommerce Store

About BRM Chemicals

Ask any ecommerce business owner what their marketing objectives are and sales would most likely top the list . In online advertising, where your ads are placed is determined by your goals. Our client, BRM chemicals, was no different.

BRM chemicals is a Delhi based e-commerce website that sells chemicals in both B2B and B2C markets. They deal with all types of chemicals and their target audience range from manufacturing industry, health care industry, skin care and even cleaning supplies.

The Challenge

Our client, although had an online presence, has never tried paid advertising on google. Their web presence only went as far as having a social media page. This resulted in lack of leads and their total sales in a month were not up to the mark. The online marketing efforts made by them were unsuccessful in achieving a desired ROI. Their cost of conversion was high and there was a significant difference in their spending and earnings.

Although BRM chemicals have a potential to reach a high ROI, they lacked the assistance in doing so. Therefore, they wanted to expand their marketing efforts by exploring paid advertisements.

Our Approach

We extensively worked on the web presence of BRM Chemicals, beginning with the design of a dynamic website comprehensive of the company’s essential needs, With features that help user navigate easily. BRM chemicals needed search engine visibility, increased traffic, viable leads, and conversion optimization to drive more sales for which we implemented a comprehensive digital strategy. Because the firm operates in B2B as well as B2C markets, we concentrated on understanding targeting parameters and targeted the audience with highly specific keywords.

We set up multiple search and shopping ad campaigns, devised an optimal monitoring strategy for each, and performed real-time analysis of results on a continuous basis. We continually monitored many different factors and adapted our approach based on ongoing analysis. Moreover we applied proven methods such as A/B testing & remarketing campaigns that led us to a successful & optimized campaign performance.


Our digital marketing strategies for BRM chemicals were highly effective, delivering major improvements in it’s performance. we witnessed an impressive 154.2% increase in conversions, a 61.78% reduction in cost per conversion, and a 155.72% increase in ROAS.

The data-driven approaches we used allowed the business to reach out to a wider group and gain more customers, contributing to a marketing project that surpassed our client’s expectations. Overall, our marketing approach was a great success for BRM Chemicals.


BRM Chemicals illustrates the benefits of promotional marketing to increase sales and profitability. Through 3D Marketing Clutch and it’s top notch marketing solutions, it was able to quickly raise sales and profitability, earning an outstanding ROI of 14%. This success story highlights the value of a data-driven and strategic approach to online marketing for e-commerce sites, particularly those targeting a large audience.



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